SiteScout RTB Update: 6 New Features, 4 New Inventory Partners, and 1 New Data Provider

by Ratko Vidakovic on August 27, 2013 · 3 comments

We have been working hard to improve our RTB platform and continue to make it a system that advertisers love to use, which is why we are excited to share a number of new developments with you. On the agenda today are half a dozen new platform features, some new inventory partners, and an additional data provider. There is also a little sneak peak if you make it through to the end of this post. That said, let’s start off by covering some of our new platform features.

New Targeting: Hyper Local

On the mobile front, we’ve introduced hyper-local targeting. Hyper-local (or Coordinate) targeting works through the GPS functionality built into mobile devices, so that you can target audiences to within a few feet of any location around the globe. Coordinates are acquired primarily through mobile applications where the user has agreed to share their location with the app.

This allows you to show your ads on mobile devices within a defined location. Using GPS coordinates (or an address) as the target, you can set the radius for serving ads, accurate to a few feet. Hyper-local targeting allows to engage your target audience when they are where you want them to be.

The current incarnation of hyper-local targeting requires that you get the coordinates from an application like Google Maps or Google Earth, then input them in the appropriate Latitude and Longitude fields in the campaign editor. In the next version, which will be released along with the new RTB interface, we will have a much easier workflow that will only requires an address and a radius.

New Feature: Exclude WiFi

Many of the most sophisticated mobile marketers on our platform have requested that we add a feature to exclude WiFi traffic from mobile campaigns. If you are one of those mobile marketers, you will be happy to learn that we’ve now added the ability to exclude WiFi inventory from the Campaign Basics tab in the campaign editor:

If you enable this feature, you will only be targeting visitors that are connected using their cellular data plans.

New Feature: View-Through Conversion Tracking

When it comes to tracking the impact of your campaigns, we’ve added a powerful new feature: view-through conversion (VTC) tracking. View-through conversion tracking allows you to track whether someone that has viewed your ads, but not clicked on them, completes a conversion goal within a specific time frame (aka the Conversion Window).

Not all customers will click through to your offer and convert right away. Many end up returning to your website at a later point in time and converting. That’s why this additional performance data goes a long way in determining the overall impact and value of your display campaigns.

VTC tracking can be enabled in the Campaign Basics tab. You must select one or more offers in order for the platform to know how to properly attribute conversions. You also have the ability to set a specific conversion window in days.

New Feature: Conversion Testing

There has been lots of demand to incorporate some kind of conversion testing tool into the platform, to make sure that their campaigns are tracking properly prior to launching. So we’ve added the ability to manually test your conversion pixels to make sure everything is running as it should with your account before you decide to push your campaign live.

To access the Conversion Testing feature, after you’ve created your campaign, you will need to open the Creatives tab from the campaign and click the ad with which you’d like to test. (see above screenshot)

In the subsequent window, you will see a text link that will allow you to manually execute a test click and conversion for that specific banner. After clicking on that text link, you will need to complete the conversion process. Once you’ve hit the conversion page, you will see a conversion show up in your site stats from a dummy domain (

New Feature: Periodic Email Reports

Many of our users have been requesting a way to get regular updates on their account performance, so we’ve added the ability to have a daily, weekly or monthly overview reports emailed directly to your inbox.

By default, nobody will receive email reports. It’s a purely opt-in feature for advertisers that want some proactive account reporting to be delivered to them. To enable this feature, simply log in to your RTB account and select Email Notification Settings under the Options menu.

New Feature: Private Marketplace Deals

Private marketplace deals offer you the ability to negotiate priority ad delivery at custom rates with specific publishers. In essence, it’s like creating a direct deal that takes priority in the RTB ecosystem. Right now, it’s currently only supported by a few pilot publishers:

  • Walmart
  • StarTribune
  • Zynga Properties

Speak to your account manager or one of our reps to learn more or get started.

New Inventory: ADTECH Marketplace

ADTECH Marketplace is a new supply partner that is part of the AOL Networks family. Naturally, they are industry veterans with well over a decade of experience in online display advertising. Right now, we are seeing approximately 130 million impressions per day from them, across more than 300 publishers.

The screenshot above is a list of the top publishers available in the ADTECH marketplace, with hundreds more viewable in the AdPlanner. To explore further, go into the AdPlanner and select “AdTech Marketplace” from the Exchange filter.

New Inventory: Mobclix

The Mobclix ad exchange is now giving access to 50 million daily mobile impressions for advertisers through mobile applications shared with our platform. App audiences such as Wattpad and Word Seek Lite are some of the more than 1000 mobile applications available in the exchange.

The screenshot above is a list of the top publishers from Mobclix, with hundreds more viewable in the AdPlanner. To explore further, go into the AdPlanner and select “Mobclix” from the Exchange filter.

New Inventory: Federated Media

Federated Media provides us with access to over 5300 properties (including sites like and almost 1 billion impressions daily. This inventory was previously run under the Lijit network, which has since been acquired by Federated Media.

New Inventory: AdConductor

A division of Burst Media, AdConductor gives us access to a pool of brand-safe display inventory on independent websites. With access to unique pools of inventory, AdConductor currently provides us with access to an additional 500 websites and 500 million impressions per day.

New Data Partner: Datonics

Data is a key differentiator in digital advertising. We are excited to be working with a new data provider — Datonics — who are providing us with access to unique and proprietary search, purchase-intent, and life-stage data segments.

Datonics’ 350+ pre-packaged segments, based on 180+ million monthly consumers’ recently conducted searches for products and services, enable you to engage with an audience who are most likely to respond to your offering. This data, which is being made available to SiteScout, will help maximize ROI by facilitating precise campaign targeting.

Coming Soon: New Enhanced Interface

We have been hard at work on a new user interface for managing your RTB campaigns, and we think you’re really going to love it. Before we launch though, we would like to invite some beta testers to try it out and give us some candid feedback. If you’re interested in beta testing the new interface, please send an email to

In addition to improving our platform, we are working hard to improve our communication pipeline to keep you better informed. You can expect more frequent, easily-digestible, platform updates moving forward. And if you have any questions or feedback about any of these updates, please let us know!

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Justin Brooke August 27, 2013 at 6:33 pm

Still no FBX??

I would scream my love for SiteScout from the rooftops if you had FBX inventory.


Ratko Vidakovic August 28, 2013 at 11:01 am

True love is unconditional :)

But in all seriousness, we are indeed trying to integrate with FBX.


Justin Brooke August 28, 2013 at 12:53 pm

Seriously, man you guys have the best interface and the best features.

FBX inventory is just soooo huge for my clients right now.

I can’t wait for the day to come back. It’ll be like moving back home after living in the wilderness for awhile.

The day you guys get FBX, will be the death of the other platforms. They cannot compete with your feature set. Especially now with HYPER LOCAL! #BOOM


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