RTB Zeitgeist: Publishers beef-up & RTB could save mobile advertising

by Ratko Vidakovic on March 4, 2013 · 0 comments

Publishers Beef Up for Programmatic

Real-time bidding is changing the sales game and to stay effective many publishers are outfitting their teams with specialists more suited to the new real-time environment. Organizations like Forbes and The Weather Network are building separate dedicated programmatic sales teams and younger companies like Business Insider are building sales teams with programmatic at the core.

More publishers are discovering the new programmatic environment requires they bring on sales talent who realize technical fluency is just as important as traditional skill sets. While some companies might not feel the need yet to adapt, it’s safe to say most agree the speed at which RTB and programmatic are changing the playing field means publishers have to be ready and willing to adapt.

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A Look Into RTB’s Quality, Ad Impressions, Data & Future

A panel at OMMA RTB in New York recently examined the challenges facing “RTB 2.0,” including metrics, content, quality of inventory and how RTB has evolved. One of the major emerging discussions centers on viewability; while the average percent of viewable ad impressions is 60-70% on premium inventory and 40-50% on non-premium/exchange inventory, the problem is that non-viewable ads still place an exposure pixel. This hurts publishers, making it harder for them to price real quality inventory and marketers by affecting performance and spend.

Focusing on the viewable impression is potential a solution, trading short-term loss in inventory for ad effectiveness and higher pricing opportunities. The value of “place” or “content and context” was also discussed. Is it better for advertisers to focus on meeting KPIs or the context of placement? Two panel members noted there are really no bad impressions, only bad valuations.

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How Real-Time Bidding Could Save Mobile Advertising

If you’ve wondered about the future potential of real-time bidding, a recent report from Business Insider indicates RTB could make the most difference in mobile. RTB and programmatic buying could solve the mobile advertising CPM quandary, which would prove to be hugely beneficial for publishers. By delivering the scale and efficiency needed to effectively match buyers and sellers, thereby boosting CPMs, programmatic and RTB could enable publishers to more effectively monetize their mobile audiences through ads.

Programmatic and RTB also stand to be powerful tools in mobile by leveraging real-time location-based data and establishing controls and efficiencies. As technologies evolve, mobile data can be leveraged to track consumers as effectively as on a PC. Ultimately, pairing RTB and programmatic with mobile could be advantageous for advertisers and publishers alike. Publishers are already achieving higher CPMs with RTB, resulting in widespread adoption across the mobile ad ecosystem.

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