SiteScout RTB Update: Introducing Audience Capture + Multiple Retargeting Enhancements!

by Ratko Vidakovic on February 5, 2013 · 0 comments

As you all know by now, we believe in giving marketers the most powerful tools possible. Which is why we’ve added some serious enhancements to our retargeting system, in the easiest way we could imagine.

Introducing: Audience Capture

Copying and pasting a snippet of retargeting code into landing pages and websites isn’t always easy, or even possible. Which is why we are introducing our newest feature: Audience Capture. This much-needed tool allows you to finally put “clickers” or “purchasers” into your own audience without having to place an external script within your page code.

With the new Audience Capture feature, you now have the ability to capture users based on the actions they take. You can find this new feature at the bottom of the Campaign Basics tab when creating or editing a campaign.

  • Capture Clicks – Instead of adding retargeting code to your destination URLs to capture an audience of people that click on your ads, this feature captures the user before redirecting to the destination URL. Users that click your ad will automatically be added to a retargeting list of your choice. For certain advertisers, like agencies or affiliate marketers, access to the landing page may not be an option. This feature now provides a solution.
  • Capture Landing Page Clicks – In the same way that you can now capture users that click on your ads, you can also capture users that click on your landing page redirect links and add them to a custom retargeting list. (Please note: You must have Offer Clickthru redirect links set up on your landing page for this feature to work. For more information on how it works, check out our help documentation on landing page click tracking.)
  • Capture Conversions – Any users that trigger a conversion for your campaign can also be automatically added to your own retargeting list. Naturally, you must have conversion tracking configured properly for this feature to take effect.

Retargeting Code Enhancements

We have also improved the way in which we allow advertisers to track their audiences. We have made the old ‘iframe’ method obsolete and replaced it with a more efficient Javascript tag.

The Javascript tag is asynchronous, so it won’t ever affect page load times. What does this mean for you? If you are currently using our old iframe retargeting code anywhere, we highly recommend replacing it with the new Javascript code.

Introducing: Email Retargeting Code

We have also added an option to generate a “primitive” HTML image tag, which can be used for capturing email audiences, since it gives you the ability to add the code to emails as an image tag. Keep in mind that this will only capture users who read their e-mail with a web-based mail client such as Hotmail or GMail. Since retargeting relies on cookies that are stored with the browser, users who open their e-mail with standalone software, such as Outlook, will not be captured with this method.

(TIP: Many email clients these days block external images by default. To increase your chances of having people “allow” the images to be shown in your emails, encourage them with other images or by explicitly asking.)

Introducing: Redirect Link Code

Last, but certainly not least, we are also very excited about the release of a new type of retargeting code for capturing audiences: Redirect Links. What this means is that you can now automatically add anyone who clicks on a link, anywhere you have this Redirect Link code, to a retargeting list of your choice.

These special links work by placing a cookie on the user’s browser (very quickly) prior to sending them to the destination link of your choice. The possibilities of this new advancement are endless. Redirect links can be used in e-mail signatures, forum signatures, landing pages, you name it. There is even a secure (SSL) option for certain situations that require them. The sky is the limit.

That’s it for now. We have lots more in the pipeline and more announcements to make next week. Stay tuned!

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