RTB Zeitgeist: This Week In Real-Time Bidding (Feb 4, 2012)

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The RTB Zeitgeist is a new feature that we are producing on a bi-weekly basis to help keep everyone informed on the latest in real-time bidding (RTB) news. We know it’s not easy to stay on top of such a fast-moving industry, so we’ve decided to boil it down to the most interesting pieces from across the web.

Publishers Face RTB Pressures

Publishers are increasingly shifting to programmatic buying thanks to pricing pressure and as a result of how efficient RTB is specifically. Currently, 17% of display ad buying is pushed through exchanges, with that number projected to increase to 43% in the next five years. Non-premium banner pricing is being challenged, and inventory commoditized as a result of growing supply and the impact of programmatic trading. Publishers are being forced to retool on the fly. “At the end of the day, publishers are sellers, and sellers must go to where the buyers are.”

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Real-Time Bidding Will Outperform Mobile, Social and Video

By 2016, real-time bidding (RTB) is expected to increase to $13.6 billion USD spending worldwide. Senior online advertising executives from around the globe say RTB spend growth is being driven by its integration, automation and optimization capabilities, which have created an environment of ease, speed and labour-efficiency for both publishers and advertisers. Global RTB-based display advertising spend increased by 237% in 2011 compared to 2010.

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SiteScout Launches Industry’s Leading Digital Media Buying Guide

Currently, less than 10% of digital media marketers are using data-driven tactics to better target, measure and improve the overall success of their campaigns so here is a great resource to help. The SiteScout Knowledge Center is a free comprehensive guide on everything from RTB to conversion tracking and campaign optimization. It supplies answers to FAQs about how data can be used to improve audience targeting and retargeting, as well as advice on planning, executing and optimizing campaigns.

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