Built for Performance

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    Impression Recycling

    Automatically refresh an ad on the publisher's page after a definable period of time (e.g., 60 seconds) to display a new ad without reloading the page itself. This gives you multiple opportunities to advertise within the same impression.

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    Container Ads

    Purchase a single ad impression, but use it to serve multiple ads. Each ad within the unit can be clicked, tracked and reported independently. There are no limits to how many ads you can serve within a single placement, and individual ads can be ordered and weighted to control exactly where, and how often, they appear.

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    Real-Time Reporting

    Impressions, clicks, and conversions (sales) are reported within seconds. Graphs and charts allow you to see statistics for any desired date range. And, all reports can be exported for use in Excel or other spreadsheet software.

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    Ad Vault

    Quickly store ad creatives in your own AdVault for use as templates. Create the ad once, and then import it into new campaigns with just a few clicks.

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    Content Delivery Network

    Host your creative media on our fast, reliable, content delivery network (CDN). Global content distribution means that your ads will load super-fast, anywhere in the world.

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    Automatic Revenue Tracking

    Use tracking pixels to measure conversions or other actions. Revenue statistics are reported the moment a sale is made.

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Targeting Features

  • Geo-Targeting

    SiteScout AdServer lets you target ads solely to users within a country, region or city.

  • URL Targeting

    Target ads using the URL of the website where you want the ad displayed. This can be invaluable when working with ad networks that spread ads out across multiple sites.

  • SubID Targeting

    SubIDs are often sent by publishers/ad networks instead of site URL or other dynamic data. You can use this as a targeting parameter to ensure you are getting the placements you want.

  • User Agent Targeting

    Limit your ads to specific browsers only.

  • Day Parting

    Control the time of day, and day of week, that your ads will be served.

  • Frequency Capping

    Limit the number of times that the same ad will be shown to the same user, within a specific time period, so as not to overwhelm your target audience.

  • Split Testing

    SiteScout AdServer allows you to split test single ads, or groups of ads, against each other. Compare performance and allocate media spend accordingly.

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Business Ready

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    Publisher Logins

    Designed to streamline and simplify your work process, you can easily provide limited access to your publisher partners. This allows them to log in to compare impression and CTR statistics with their own figures, as well as approve or deny ads.

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    Custom User Accounts

    Your business has multiple stakeholders. Create fully customizable accounts for each of them, and control exactly what they are allowed to see and do when logged in. You can customize which statistics are viewable, limit ad editing functionality, hide specific AdVault folders and publisher/network accounts, and more.

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    3rd Party Pixel Management (Piggyback)

    When creating tracking pixels for your offers, you can include 3rd party tracking pixels that will be served at the same time.

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    Data Export

    Reports in SiteScout AdServer can be exported as CSV files, which can be read by any Excel or any other spreadsheet software.

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    Fully Hosted Solution

    SiteScout AdServer is a fully hosted solution, which means that you can focus on advertising and leave the technical details to us.

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    On-Call Tech Support

    If you need help using any component of the SiteScout AdServer, we are more than happy to provide technical support at no charge.

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Creative Control

  • Hybrid Ad Templates

    Creating text ads is easy with SiteScout AdServer. Simply enter the title, description, and upload an image. Take it a step further and choose an HTML/CSS style, use geo macros, or even serve multiple ads within the same banner placement.

  • Geo Macros

    Use tokens such as {CITY}, {COUNTRY}, {REGION}, {COUNTRYAVB} and {REGIONAVB} to make geographically-specific text appear in your ads and increase CTR.

  • Custom HTML/CSS Styles

    HTML and Flash ads are fully supported in SiteScout AdServer. Create ads, and then use ClickTags to insert links into your HTML or Flash.

  • HTML/Flash Ads

    HTML and Flash ads are fully supported in SiteScout AdServer. Create ads, and then use ClickTags to insert links into your HTML or Flash.

  • Ad Groups

    Using Sitescout's unique ad grouping system, it is easy to create multiple groups of ads for a single placement and test them against each other. Control precisely how often each ad group is displayed, or geo-targeting to a particular country region or city. Comprehensive reporting allows you to see which ad groups are performing best.

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Reporting & Optimization

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    Real-Time Reporting

    Impressions, clicks, and conversions (sales) show up in the reports within seconds. Graphs and charts allow you to see statistics for any desired date range. All reports can be exported for use in spreadsheet software.

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    Detailed Conversion Reporting

    Get detailed reporting for every sale attributable to an ad. Conversion reporting shows the exact time, IP address, offer code, and revenue for each conversion/action. SiteScout AdServer pixel tracking technology makes this possible.

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    Geographic, URL and SubID Statistics

    Break out stats by geographic location, URL or SiteID for any publisher, placement, ad group, or ad. The results can then be used to optimize using the appropriate built-in targeting feature.

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    Hourly Stats

    View campaign stats by hour to see how performance changes during the day, and incorporate insights into day-parting rules.

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    Unique Click Tracking

    Toggle on or off the ability to determine which clicks are unique and which are from repeat visitors.

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    Dynamic Revenue Pass-thru

    Use a SiteScout tracking pixel on your conversion page to calculate profits on revenue-share offers.

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    Click Macros

    Click macros allow you to pass data from SiteScout AdServer to your landing page. Ad Id, Placement ID and Publisher ID are among the stats that can be sent.


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