About Us

In 2009, we were media buyers. But, the media buying tools available lacked the capabilities that we needed to run profitable ad campaigns. So, we built our
own proprietary solution and
made it available to everyone.

Since then, SiteScout has been used by thousands of advertisers to buy billions of ad impressions across the web and on mobile devices.

Our commitment to developing powerful, easy-to-use technology, that puts real-time advertising into the hands of marketers, has made us the world’s favorite self-serve ad buying platform.

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We are Customer-Centric

Having walked a mile in the advertiser’s shoes, we understand how quickly this industry evolves, and how rapidly customer needs change. That is why we engage in an open dialogue with our customers across various channels, and solicit their input to inform our product development.

We have a long track record of developing tools our customers ask for, such as our brand-safety whitelist/blacklist feature (which was a must-have from an agency client). We also aim to develop solutions to problems our customers have, but can’t readily articulate. For example, our ‘audience capture’ feature (which allows advertisers to easily add people to retargeting lists using a simple checkbox) came from our realization that it’s not always easy for our customers to add retargeting code to web pages.

Beyond features and tools within the platform, we also understand that our customers care deeply about the quality of ad inventory. When something affects the performance of campaigns, we take it very seriously and act to catch fraudulent inventory and remove it from our platform.

This customer-focused approach is one of our core values, and sets us apart from average ad tech providers.


We are Performance-Driven

Back when we were buying media, we were frustrated by the lack of tools available to optimize campaigns for ROI. So, we built the SiteScout platform to maximize performance.

Our reporting is real time, as is the ability to control your campaigns. This means no delay in seeing how your campaigns are performing or in executing decisions. Our inventory and reporting data offers unparalleled transparency and granularity, which allows you to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, we reject the narrow view that real-time bidding (RTB) should be limited to audience-buying campaigns. We enable marketing professionals to build campaigns on the targeting criteria they feel will yield the best results (audience data, contextual category, domain level, and more).

This performance-driven mindset continues to this day, and underlies all products that we develop.


We are Accessible

We aren’t saying that high-performance media buying platforms weren’t available – they just weren’t available to independent media buyers like us.

We didn’t think this was fair, so when we developed our best-in-class, proprietary demand-side platform (DSP), we didn’t limit access to the largest agencies and brands. Instead, we made the SiteScout platform powerful, yet easy enough that it could be fully utilized by small teams and even individual buyers.

We did this by re-engineering and simplifying the on-boarding process, financial commitments, contractual relationships and execution workflow. What this means is that a marketer is able to sign up to SiteScout’s self-serve platform and create a campaign capable of reaching billions of ad impressions in minutes.


In The News

SiteScout has been featured in the press by...


Our commitment to innovation has gotten us some media attention. But, in addition to media coverage, we’ve also been honored as one of Canada’s top 20 most innovative companies in the digital media space (CIX) and one of the Top 25 Up and Coming ICT companies (Branham Group).


Meet the Team

The awesome members of our organization:

  • Zaid A.

    Zaid Al-Zobaidi

    Software Engineer, Java

  • Angelos A.

    Angelos Antonopolous

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Jennifer B.

    Jennifer Basu

    Office Manager

  • Kyle B.

    Kyle Bernstein

    Software Engineer

  • Jeffrey B.

    Jeffrey Bjarnarson

    Account Executive

  • John B.

    John Botero

    Sr. Account Manager

  • Morgan C.

    Morgan Chmara

    Client Care Manager

  • Dan C.

    Dan Chmielewski

    Systems Administrator

  • Selvin G C.

    Selvin G Cunningham

    Digital Media Support Specialist

  • Paul D.

    Paul Dilley

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Greg D.

    Greg Dunn

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Siyuan H.

    Siyuan He

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Mike H.

    Mike Hoyle

    Director of Software Engineering

  • Matthew K.

    Matthew Kershaw

    Account Manager

  • Ian M.

    Ian MacDonald

    Digital Media Support Specialist

  • George M.

    George Mersov

    Principal, Data Scientist

  • Iris M.

    Iris Milanova

    Ad Quality Reviewer

  • Johnny M.

    Johnny Milne

    Digital Media Specialist

  • Hiten M.

    Hiten Mistry

    Senior Director, Product

  • Carole M.

    Carole Mokbel

    Digital Media Specialist

  • Philippe M.

    Philippe Mokbel

    Director of Interactive Design

  • Steve M.

    Steve Monti

    Director of Sales

  • Neil O.

    Neil O'Donnel

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Mihee P.

    Mihee Park

    RTB Platform Manager

  • Vanessa P.

    Vanessa Pinkas

    Ad Quality Reviewer

  • Alexey R.

    Alexey Rudkovskiy

    Software Architect

  • Eduard R.

    Eduard Rushanyan

    Manager, Production Operations, Programmatic

  • Matt S.

    Matt Sauls

    VP, Operations, Centro Canada

  • Darryl S.

    Darryl Singer

    Director Platform Solutions

  • Terry T.

    Terry Taouss

    Managing Director

  • Ian T.

    Ian Trider

    RTB Platform Manager

  • Philip V.

    Philip Van Tol

    Web/Graphic Designer

  • Albert V.

    Albert VanderlMeulen

    Software Engineer

  • Felipe V.

    Felipe Velasquez

    LatAm Regional Mgr

  • Ratko V.

    Ratko Vidakovic

    VP, Product & Marketing, Centro Canada

  • Andrey V.

    Andrey Vladimirov

    Technical Product Manager

  • Amity W.

    Amity Wei Gang

    Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Ian W.

    Ian Wildfong

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Jeffrey W.

    Jeffrey Wu

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Ben Z.

    Ben Zelikovitz

    Director of Publisher Services

  • Rong (Eric) Z.

    Rong (Eric) Zeng

    Sr. Software Engineer

  • Yi (Hans) Z.

    Yi (Hans) Zhang

    Intermediate Accounting Clerk

  • Ying Hong (Connie) Z.

    Ying Hong (Connie) Zhao

    Senior Accountant

  • Shawn Z.

    Shawn Zulauf

    Digital Support Specialist


Our Partners

We are proud to work with the world’s leading companies in the advertising technology and digital media space. We are always looking for innovative partners; for business development inquiries, feel free to contact us.


Industry Support

A contributing member of the digital advertising community

Proud IAB Members

SiteScout is committed to ethical digital marketing standards, and supports the value-creating growth of the online advertising industry as a whole. We are proud general members of both the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB Canada). Members of our team serve as board members on the Programmatic Committee of IAB Canada.